Virtual Communications Training
Most of us work in virtual and hybrid environments these days and being able to communicate effectively and impactfully online will make all the difference. It’s extremely common for people to feel that a virtual delivery feels completely different from an in-person delivery. However, there are many similarities that bridge them, added with a few more subtle technical notes that can be worked on through actionable exercises.

Our trainers help you to understand how you are coming across virtually when you are leading or speaking in meetings and presentations, pitching, and interviewing. Vocal confidence and keeping your virtual presence will make you stand out and feel great when communicating in stress inducing situations.  

Each of our courses are designed to our client’s specific needs and will include elements of ease and relaxation, impact and gravitas, vocal confidence, effective communication and more. Our goal is to help you build a skill set that is authentic to you and your preferred style of delivery whilst being able to own the virtual room that you are speaking in.
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Our Virtual Communications Training Curriculum
In our virtual communiations programme, you will have the opportunity to:

• Develop strong virtual skills in your meetings and presentations for improved presence and impact

• Learn how to engage your your audience and to facilitate calls seamlessly

• Learn to use your voice and body language more effectively to connect to your audience

• Use practical and actionable exercises to create more confidence in your deliveries throughout your programme and beyond

• Create your own tool kit with authenticity in mind to take your upcoming virtual engagement to the next level
“Find your own authentic ownership of your virtual workspace.”
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