Our private training sessions offer you a chance to learn in an accelerated environment with individual guidance to improve your vocal confidence, accent control, communications / public presentation skills.

We hone in on what you identify as challenges and additionally address other areas seen as opportunities for development, that can be tackled through our time working together.

We truly believe that every individual should have a say in what they would like to work on and tell us about their learning styles. There is no "one size fits all" rule in vocal development and our holistic approach allows you to choose what is right for you, which we believe is the most important aspect of every individual's personal development.

As such you and your coach may decide that your training encompasses a combination of elements from different SLVC services and courses.
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The Foundations of Vocal Technique
Increasing Your Volume & Projection
Overcoming Anxiety, Fear & Nerves
Understanding Your Audience
Body Language and Facial Expressions
Managing Your Pitch, Pace & Rhythm
Creating Emotional Connection
“Finding your vocal confidence - Let’s leave the nerves behind.”
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