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Some words from past clients
Attending the CPD workshop with Sylvie, she taught me how to breathe before and during a presentation to calm my nerves and what power it holds.The course made me more confident, as I now know how my voice travels in a room and what a difference it makes where and how I stand. Hearing about all the different techniques was very helpful for my future presentation style.
Eva M.
Senior Account Manager (Tourism)
Doing one to one tuition with Sylvie is giving me focused lessons to underpin my voice skills. I believe these soft skills will be very helpful to support my future job career and daily life.I highly recommend anyone work with Sylvie. Apart from being passionate in her craft is very supportive with the progress. Thank you, Sylvie!
Wilfredo A.M.
Graphic Designer (Freelancer)
Sylvie is a very approachable and professional coach with a vast knowledge of voice coaching techniques that she also combines with breathing, grounding and confidence-boosting methods.  I highly recommend her voice coaching sessions to anyone who is looking to improve their ways of communicating, not only in the corporate environment.
Natalia D.
Research Consultant (Marketing)
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