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I am a Spanish speaker who has a strong desire to improve overall English articulation sounds and voice skills such as voice projection. I am also a recent university graduate in graphic and digital design. Despite being over a decade living in the UK, sometimes people struggle to understand me correctly. Doing one to one tuition with Sylvie is giving me focused lessons to underpin my voice skills. I believe these soft skills will be very helpful to support my future job career and daily life. I highly recommend anyone work with Sylvie. Apart from being passionate in her craft is very supportive with the progress. Thank you, Sylvie! 

Wilfredo Martinez-Arteaga - London, UK

Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur

Decades of cold-sweat fear of public speaking crushed in 90 minutes. Sylvie, you addressed all of my issues (projection, octave, pace, confidence) in a really creative way. I loved it. I'll be incorporating your advice about movement, speed, breathing, and accentuating keywords from now on. Thank you so much for today's workshop.

Avril Perry - New York City, USA

Impact & Investment Communications, Fordham Foundry/AXN

Attending the Voice session with Sylvie was very beneficial as it helped me identify the areas of improvement while addressing an audience group. Having multiple sessions like this would contribute well to my journey of becoming an effective speaker. I am looking forward to attend more sessions!

Samriti Sood - London, UK

Product Management/Partner Analysis, ARM

You will be surprised at how much a vocal training can achieve. Sylvie was a superb instructor with a wide array of knowledge and theories, catering to and customising the sessions to suit your needs and progress. Her knowledge of cultural differences was also a plus, especially when working at an international community. The one on one lessons may seem intimidating, but fear not! She is an incredibly easy person to talk to as well.

Ryu Katami - San Francisco, USA & Japan

Video Games Producer/Product Development, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

Really great session where I learnt how to ground my voice and how to have more energy when I speak - v happy!

Zara LeSueur - London, UK

Head of Data Strategy, HSBC

Sylvie is great voice coach. Once I explained to her what my aim was and what area I needed to improve on, she knew exactly the right techniques to help me improve my communication skills. I speak with more clarity and confidence, which has helped me in many areas. She is also very kind and understanding and I felt absolutely at ease working with her. I look forward to more sessions.

Gurjit Sandhar - London, UK


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Thank you Sylvie for helping me realise my potential! Your workshop provided me with the knowledge, tools to help me deliver better presentations. I look forward to working with you again soon. I would recommend Sylvie to anyone else who values personal development.

Sadijah Anwar, London, UK

Senior Move Manager, CBRE Corporate Outsourcing

I attended Sylvie's Presentation Skills training and I couldn't recommend it more. It was very different from my previous experience in a good way. It was a half day session and she focused on us being a good presenter i.e. how to project ourself in a confident manner, build rapport with the audience and managing our nerves during presentation. For me, the most interesting and useful things I learnt were the techniques she taught us to calm down before presentation and how to create vocal impact. It felt as if each of us participants had a one to one session with her as she gave us all individual tips on how to improve. I could not recommend her more!

Ai Vee Lim, London, UK

Product Manager, Acuris (MergerMarket)

This session was really helpful in getting a professional analysis of the various aspects that play a role while we speak and how could we make our speech more effective and powerful. Coming from Asia, I find it extremely valuable to learn better ways to communicate our thoughts and this workshop took me a step ahead of where I was.


Sylvie’s sessions teach us how to synchronise our thoughts and clearly present in front of our target audience in an effective manner, which can help to create a bigger social impact in the future.

Amrinder Singh - London, UK

Propositions & Strategy, Amazon

In just one session, Sylvie managed to identify an ingrained bad habit which was causing a lot of tension in my voice and suffocating the sound. Without wasting any time, she carefully showed me the methods to put it right and my voice is already freer and stronger. Highly recommended.

Charles Styles - Oxford, UK

Classical Singer

I was naturally excited to hear about Sylvie's works when she came to Business School. Expecting a run-of-the-mill session, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I engaged in her narrative and her method of teaching. It is clear to me that Sylvie is a professional of the highest quality, having studied from the finest voice coaching school for actors in the world. Her three hour session was a glimpse into the complex world, and we were given lessons on how changes of posture, breath and tone can invoke stark differences in the intent of the text being delivered.


I benefitted from her easy-going and compassionate demeanour when being coached and I believe strongly that these sessions will improve our ability to communicate with authenticity and more effectively. This is a skill I desire to have throughout my life. I look forward to working with Sylvie once more!

Dr. Rahul Gandhi - Auckland, NZ

Physician (Registrar)

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