Learn to communicate more effectively by understanding the sounds used by British and North American speakers of English.

We hope that you have all been very safe and well during this year of the pandemic, which has shifted us towards creating a new sense of normality. We are running as normal with virtual training and are also looking forward to inviting you back for our private in-person sessions once it is safe & practical to do so.


Please send us a message below if you'd like to be notified when we can accommodate in-person training.

Learning all the sounds & rhythms of English.

Every accent is beautiful in its own right, as our vocal anatomy is shaped to speak our mother tongue fluently and eloquently.

There are many different ways of learning English accents - the most important thing we stress is that, learning a new accent does not mean you have to give up your identity.

Our method in accent training requires you to be open to explore the vast array of different vowel shifts, consonant sounds, rhythm, intonation and both syllable stresses and lengths.


We believe that understanding the shapes and sounds of a new language or regional accent is an important skill for clearer communication. Our holistic approach allows you to choose what is right for you, which we believe is the most important aspect of every individual's personal development.


Sometimes, we can find that our take on the English pronunciation is not quite right... this is where we come in to help you get it right!

The Curriculum:

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the sounds of British and North American English

  • Notice and understand the habits from our native language/accent

  • Work on: vowels, consonants, rhythm, intonation, syllable stress, syllable length

  • Create a system for your practice and improvement

We offer to help you build a strong foundation and understanding of your own accent and shifting into a different one. The 1-2-1 focus of accent training will immerse you into a intensive environment to reach your goals easily. The nature of accent training will take time to learn, curiosity to stay interested and lots of diligent practice. With our help and guidance, you will always stay on track and be on the path to success.

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