Focus on crafting and  cleaning up your individual speeches, finding clarity &  emotionality  and allowing for the most impactful and connected delivery

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Let your words resonate with your audience.

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Public speaking brings up many different thoughts and emotions to different people. However, studies have shown that many people do have a large fear of this celebrated skill.


Our trainers help you step outside of yourself and analyse your speaking from the perspective of your audience - how they are breathing in your content and making sense of it, to following your own emotional journey within the speech.

In this highly individually tailored course, you will have full support in crafting your executive speech & communication with detailed precision, learning how to stand and present yourself in front of an audience and delivery with passion, impact and clarity.

Our Public Speaking  Programme:


You will have the opportunity to:

  • Clean up your prepared speech for sharper  focus and impactful points

  • Create a story line that is easy for your audience to follow

  • Learn how to you use your voice more effectively

  • Understand the different ways how to make more impact, that is tailored to you

  • Own different types of exercises to take your next public speaking engagement to the next level

We with work individually with you, in-person or on Zoom, to help you reach a place where you are truly confident and leave clear and impactful delivery of your speech. After completing our programme, you should be in a very strong place to understand and organise the development of your speech points and give a clean delivery. If you need a top-up session to polish it off before the grand reveal, we are very happy to help!

Note:  This course is currently under review for  CPD certification.

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Public Speaking Once and For All'

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