WFH Tips: Eye Contact and Virtual Communication

Happy Monday Everybody!

Now that we've all converted to digital communication in our business and personal lives, I thought I'd get a short video up for you about Eye Contact in the for virtual calls/meetings.

This was a challenge a participant brought up during my Free Zoom Webinar Series last Thursday, focused on: 'How to Create Impact and Clarity on Virtual Comms', so I hope this will help you identify what you need to do with your own eye contact habits!

👉 Think more about ENGAGEMENT in your discussions

👉 Pay more attention to your participants than your own video image

👉 Everyone has a different preference, so there is no 'one-right way' to do it

👉 You can be tactical with using your eye contact to create more impact - what is the context?

👉 Choose what works best for you than what somebody says - trial and error is always KING and we should learn from past experiences

If you'd like to see the Zoom recording from last Thursday's webinar, please comment below and I'll be in touch.

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