Truth & Transparency Recap

Last week's webinar was one of the best ones I've had so far, as it made me think through the entire long weekend about how we are dealing with 'TRUTH & TRANSPARENCY' during these times of such uncertainty and managing people's expectations.

I've tried to capture my thoughts on this in the video below, but there is definitely a lot more that can be said on this. Please excuse my heavily rushed speech! 🙃

To that, I will be hosting my 3rd webinar next Wednesday 22nd April at 18:00 GMT and it will continue on:

💡 'Truth & Transparency' and move into 'Storytelling - framing, language and words'

✏️ Register your spot for the webinar here:

Thank you to all our call participants for bringing up this poignant point in our discussion during the Q&A and for everyone on the call in responding with such thoughtfulness based off of your own experiences.

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