Gong Hei Fat Choi!

As you might have discovered, it was Chinese New Year over the weekend and I only find it suiting to write a post to celebrate some of the cultural values I was brought up with in Canada.

Happy Chinese New Year!

In this golden Year of the Rat - I wish you all the success, good health, happiness, fortune and prosperity to be had in 2020!

Having been over in the UK now just under 5 years (without any family or relatives in this country) has made me think deeply about my own identity, all that I know and also about consciously making choices that reflect my own ideas and that of cultural upbringing.

We held another one of our Sunday Group Workshops yesterday in Holland Park and the discussions that came up were very insightful and interesting! Our participants are always from different industries/sectors and have a wealth of experience to share.

As we give this a deeper thought...

There are so many people working in London who come from different countries, languages and cultures that often need to learn to assimilate to 1) London culture then 2) UK culture, and most often in that order.

London is an amazing place to be and also very forward thinking in terms of accepting people from around the world that offer their talent and skills!

However, sometimes communication styles, language barriers and understanding is a bit less forgiving - mind you, that the prejudice of different accents (all English ones) roots deep back into the history of this country itself!

Some things that perhaps we want to start considering when choosing how to develop our own communication styles are:

  • How to maintain my own personality/charisma when applying different techniques

  • Not giving up one's own identity to fit in - but to negotiate a good balance that still works for you (it's difficult, but well worth it!)

  • Am I thinking for myself and thinking about all the things I want or am I defaulting to only box ticking of what is expected of me?

  • Is there any fear around trying to blend my own thoughts, opinions and ideas into how I express or communicate? If yes, what are my habits when this emotion comes up?

Feel free to share stories and experiences you've had in the comments section.

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