Breathing effortlessly

Breathing... it's such a wonderful thing.

It keeps us all alive, one breath at a time... and we are usually not even thinking about it as we do it every second, minute, hour, day, week and even year.

Every breath is different, like a snowflake. Ever changing and adapts to what is going on in your body and environment.

There are so many different classes you can participate in for breathing and mindfulness such as meditation classes, voice & movement classes, breath sensation classes, and therapy even!


The thing is (as you probably already know), you are an expert in breathing but there may be some tweaks that we can make to help your breath be more sufficient in terms of:

- Learning about and become self-aware of the types of breath we take

(and in what types of situations these happen)

- The manner in which we inhale and exhale

- How that, in turn, affects our voice and speech patterns


Are you starting to realise that your breath is impacting your speech deliveries?

Any time you use your voice, breath has a role to play in it. When there is negative impact on the breath due to stress-induced challenges, nerves and anxiety may arise.

If you do not currently have a coping mechanism for the your stress levels, nerves or anxiety, they can often creep into the quality of the delivery resulting in a message that loses confidence, impact and authority.

However, there is always a way to work on it!

Let me guide you through a series of mindful breath exercises and practice so that you can harness the confidence that you already have and let it shine through!

What are you waiting for? Send a personalised enquiry via the contact form.

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