Advanced Presentation Practice (Mini-Workshop - AM)

For anyone who has already completed a one-day workshop with me on presentations and communications, this is your chance to come back and intensively practice your pitches and presentations in a 3 hour practical format!
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Advanced Presentation Practice (Mini-Workshop - AM)

Time & Location

Time is TBD
The London School Of English, 15 Holland Park Gardens, Kensington, London W14 8DZ, UK

About the Programme

This is a NEW EVENT - Group Capacity: 6 --

Now that you have a solid foundation after having completed a full day workshop, let's solely focus on the practical elements of refining your public presentations in pitching, informational deliveries, leading a meeting, and more!

You will receive:

  • Group Feedback
  • Tailored Individual Feedback
  • Exercises to work on after the session
  • Immediate understanding of what needs more improvement and where you have been improving already

As usual, we will focus on the follow elements in creating effective communication:

  • Connection to Story
  • Vocal Presence and Gravitas
  • Presentations & Pitching
  • Flow of Logic
  • Narrative
  • Vocal Communication
  • Flow in thought, Pitch, Intonation, Pace, Projection, Freeness of breath, How to handle and redirect nerves and anxiety on demand
  • Body Communication
  • Postures (sitting, standing)
  • Social hierarchy
  • Postural hierarchy (body)
  • General Communication
  • Facial expression, Energy, Impact, Connection
  • Positive and Confident Attitude

REGISTRATION: please contact or 07752 345217 for more information.

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