Our mini workshops are intense and dig deep into each participant's habitual virtual behaviours by engaging in 1-2-1 tailored segments in the workshop, followed with moderated constructive group feedback and personalised practical and actionable exercises.
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Time & Location

24 Jun 2020, 19:00 – 21:00
Online event via Zoom

About the Programme

“Confident Voices for Virtual Communication” – 2 HR MINI WORKSHOP 



Addressing the need to further develop and improve our soft skills within virtual communication that will help individuals become more effective and productive in their careers and personal life - reaching their own goals.

In this bite-sized workshop, you will have a taste of how one of our full day workshops are run. Sylvie’s ethos and philosophy in vocal and communications development is to help participants gain more self-awareness of their communication habits by directly identifying each of our participants’ challenges and help them by introducing practical and actionable exercises to tackle these challenges.

You can expect a fully interactive workshop including a mini-presentation to cover the foundational theory of the our work together, learning how to feedback constructively as a observer within a group setting and also to pick up new skills and individually tailored exercises during your intensive 1-2-1 mini-presentation with Sylvie.


This workshop will take place via Zoom with group discussions, interactive exercises and presentation individual feedback and group observations – each individual will get ~10  minutes of intensive individual practice in front of the group.

  • Theoretical framework of communication styles and how they apply to virtual communication
  • Improving self-awareness of habitual communication tendencies (F2F & virtual)
  • Vocal Communication
    • How if your voice coming across after implementing previous exercises? Is there more ease in the breath? Groundedness? Emotional connection to your message and how that reflects on your pitch, intonation, pace, volume and flow
  • Body Posture and Alignment
    • Noticing if any habits take away from a healthy alignment that impacts the voice in projecting with ease and sounding present
    • How to sit in the best way for vocal production and vocal presence
    • Understanding how to use your volume when a mic is involved
    • Understanding how to use your eye contact when there is a camera involved
  • Public Speaking
    • Does your speech encompass all of: connection with audience, connection to story, vocal presence and gravitas? How are you handling your nerves and anxiety?
  • Understanding your audience
    • Is your piece easy to understand from the audience’s point of view – does it follow a simple and logical flow in a storytelling attitude?
    • Have you taken into consideration the background of your audience, their expectations? What about the physical distance needed: social hierarchy and postural hierarchy (body)?
  • General Communication
    • Facial expression, energy, impact, connection, positive and confident attitude


Please have a think about your current virtual communications challenges and bring to the workshop a previously prepared topic of your choice.


This course is geared towards a group of 4 participants max. for a 2 hour delivery

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