'English 4 Refugees'

Безкоштовна англійська для біженців 

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We have launched this philanthropic initiative  to offer a free 8 week intensive short course for  all refugees globally to help them learn basic English skills whilst they settle into their new  homes, countries, or are on the  verge of  leaving their home country to seek refuge.

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In this FREE short course, refugee participants   will have:

  • 3 hours a week  of English training per week virtually via Zoom

    • 2 x 1.5 hours per week

  • 8 week intensive short course to teach the basics of the English language for refugees to easier    communicate their essential needs  in English confidently

  • Training groups of 8 to 10    people with a similar English level ability

  • Fantastic teachers around the world  that are generous with their time and knowledge

  • An option to sign up for a   Conversation Partner Volunteer   to practice speaking with

We need more Certified English Language Teacher Volunteers!

We currently have  500+ refugee registrants and  need more Certified English Language Teacher Volunteers ,     who would like to volunteer their time to a great cause to help make life a little bit easier for our   participants needing to navigate their new world in a new language.  We are looking for teachers   around the world as our learning groups grow, since our refugees are in different time zones. Volunteering commitment is 3 hours of teaching a week over 8 weeks.

We are looking for 300+    'Conversation Partners'!

We also  are in   HUGE NEED   for 'Conversation Partners' Anyone who is a native or advanced  level (C1+)    English speaker can help from anywhere in the world.  All accents are welcome - clarity of speech and communication are the  most important things to keep in mind!   Volunteer commitment - 1 to 2 hours a week of conversational practice.


Please  download the informational booklet and flyers to  spread the word for more teachers and conversation partners, so that we can help as many   people as we can!

Are you a refugee?

Ви біженець?

If you are a current refugee and would like to participate in our FREE 8 week intensive short course to learn  some basic and essential English skills to help your transition into your new country, please apply via our registration form here!

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Online Learning

We need English Teachers!

If you are  a certified English Teacher and would like   to volunteer  3 hours a week to teach remotely on our Refugee English programme, please  send us an email   with your CV and tell us a little bit about yourself.

We have a set curriculum for you to teach and you   can   bring your own style, personality & flair to  class!

A huge plus if you speak Ukrainian too! 

(Also looking for   non-Ukrainian speaking teachers  and those

who can also speak Arabic, Pashto, and/or Spanish)

Be a Conversation Partner!

Chat with our participants and help them with their English speaking skills!

If you are not a certified English language teacher, you can still help as    a 'conversation partner' anywhere in the world and be matched with a refugee participant to help them practice their new language skills for more confidence!

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