In addition to improving your spoken English, we can also help you  practice your English grammar and writing in a safe  environment 


Speak your mind with fluency and confidence - in your own words.


We offer customized IELTS & TOEFL language test tutoring.

Learning the English language and the ability to use it well are essential to being successful in your social life and work. When you have the skills to communicate eloquently, you can confidently give a clear and accurate representation of yourself and your ideas in English.

Whether you are a beginner or a business professional already working in English, all of our training programmes are personally designed to your individual challenges, so that you can shift your habits, make improvements, and reach your goals more efficiently and effectively. 


We begin with your FREE 30 Minute Consultation to assess your abilities with our resident English teacher, Kevin. From there, we develop a programme that aligns with your existing skill-set and individual challenges, and help you set tangible milestones to map out the journey towards achieving your English goals.


Our trainers at SLVC are dedicated to providing you with clear, personalised instruction every step of the way towards your English language goals. We help you to pick up, build and polish your use of the English language so that you can communicate in a coherent and confident manner. 

Our Curriculum:

In each of our English programmes, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover your current English and set your new goals

    • Your level will be assessed during your consultation, and  throughout your training

  • Compare and understand  your personal habits and patterns from any native languages

  • Work on the following skills:

    • Reading, writing, speaking, spelling, pronunciation, listening and comprehension

  • Build a learning process together to help you work through your challenges

  • Understand the differences between British and North American English

 Our programmes are all personalised to fit each of your individual needs and goals of learning, using and polishing your English skills. The 1:1 training aspect will give you an intensive learning experience for more effective improvements in building new habits. Picking up a new language can take time... but our attentive trainers at SLVC are here to help you stay focused, grounded, and constantly interested in your own development!

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