Sylvie Lui  MFA, FRSA


Executive Voice, Accent & Communications Coach

Effective Communication for Business

Public Speaking Training

Vocal/Body Presentation

Mindfulness in Voice

Voice Training for Performers

Appointed Fellow of the RSA

Member of British Voice Association (BVA)

Member of Voice & Speech Trainers Association  (VASTA)

Awards & Scholarships

2020 - Appointed Fellowship to the RSA

(Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, London, UK)

2018 - VASTA Clyde Vinson Memorial Scholarship 

(Organisation - Voice and Speech Trainers Association)

Voice Teaching Experience



2015/16/17/18/19/20 - Corporate Voice, Accent & Communications Training

  • Executive Voice & Confidence Coaching

  • Presentation Skills in the Boardroom

  • Personal Effectiveness in Communication

  • Clarity, Resonance, Articulation in Vocal Delivery

  • Speak & Lead with Authenticity

  • Speaking in Intercultural Environments

  • Accent Softening & Vocal Technique

2019 - Springboards Consulting, Boston, MA, USA (London-based)

  • Executive Presence Coach

2017/18/19/20  -  Shout at Cancer Charity #1163063 - Voice Specialist & Workshop Facilitator

  • Holistic and therapeutic vocal practise for peoples who have undergone

         laryngectomies due to head and neck cancers


2017/18/19/20  -  The Centre for Communication and Strategy, London, UK

2017/18/19  -  The London School of English, Holland Park, London, UK

2017/18  -  Lyric Hammersmith, London , UK

2017/18  -  Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts, Sidcup, London, UK

2017/18  -  Rose Bruford College, Sidcup & Folkestone, Kent, UK

2017  -  Central Connects, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK

2016/17  -  Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford, UK 

  • Voice and Text & Shakespeare      


2015/16  -  University of Oxford MBA Students

  • Effective Communication/Presentation & Public Speaking (Workshops/Privates)

  • Accent Softening & Vocal Technique

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Sales Pitching Workshops

2016  -  East 15 Southend-On-Sea Drama Conservatoire, U. of Essex, UK                            


2015/16  -  Drama Society - University of Oxford Production

  • The Phantom of the Opera 

  • The Three Musketeers


2016 - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama - MA Musical Theatre


2020 - Corporate Diversity/Inclusion Workshops (France, Spain, Germany)


2018  -  Corporate Voice Workshops (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2018  -  Private Voice Workshops (Copenhagen, Denmark)


2017  -  Private Voice Workshops (Luxembourg)

2017  -  Private Voice Workshops (California, USA)

2017  -  Private Voice Workshops (Tokyo, Japan)

2016/2017  -  Private Accent Softening Classes (Moscow, Russia)


2016/2017 - Private Voice Workshops (Vancouver & Toronto)


2013 - 2015  Speech & Drama for Young Adults, Children 




Holistic Voice Work


Self-Awareness of Voice/Body/Movement


Public Speaking


English Pronunciation

Accent Modification



Professional Engagements

2019 - VASTA BizCore Webinar

Presentation Topic: "From Art to Business - Bridging the Gap"

2018  - Midlands Voice Conference

University of Northampton Innovative Centre, Northampton, UK

Presentation Topic: "Inclusion and Diversity in Voice Training"


"Having always been fairly confident in my presentation skills, I attended Sylvie’s voice coaching session to find areas of improvement. First, I must say how knowledgeable Sylvie is being a performing actor. I liked her one-on-one coaching style and how at ease I felt throughout the session.


I learnt that even though I might come across well in a presentation with words, my listeners were are actually looking for passion in me and a connection to the story. After a few unfamiliar exercises, Sylvie helped me improve my presentation by making it more passionate. Most of it had to do with using voice correctly.


I am happy to say that I used Sylvie’s tips in my entrepreneurship project presentation and got great feedback on the quality and how connected the panel felt. I would definitely recommend Sylvie’s Voice Coaching sessions and actually think they should be a mandatory element of the MBA."


                  - TO, Lagos,Nigeria

Founder/Managing Director, Ensolutions Services Ltd.


- - - - -


"Attending the Voice session with Sylvie was very beneficial as it helped me identify the areas of improvement while addressing an audience group. Having multiple sessions like this would contribute well to my journey of becoming an effective speaker. I am looking forward to attend more sessions!"


                                      - SS, London, UK

Product Management/Partner Analysis, ARM

- - - - -



"Before attending Sylvie's voice workshop I didn’t think such a workshop could be helpful. If you have time, then definitely give this a try. If you don’t have time, then I suggest that you make some time for it. Else you will be missing out on tangible insights aimed towards your personal and professional development.


It is one of those things that you will only appreciate after having experienced it for yourself. It will challenge you. It will make you uncomfortable. But in the end, it will be honest. It will be you."


                 - KK, New Delhi, India

Associate VP - Strategy/Management, Efficient Bazaar

Formal Training


Graduate of Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (University of London)

Master of Fine Art in Voice Studies (2015 - 2017)

Singing (Classical)                   - Stephen Wilder/Tina Ruta/Heather McQuillan-Parker/Naomi Felix

Practical Voice Work               - Kristin Linklater, Barbara Houseman

Feldenkrais                               - Scott Clark

Alexander Technique               - Natacha Osorio, Ilan Reichel

Linklater Voice                          - Joanna Weir-Ouston, Jane Boston

Fitzmaurice Workshop             - Cynthia Bassham


Kristin Linklater 'Advanced Voice & Text' Workshop, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK (2016)

British Voice Association - "Voice in Distress" Workshops (2016)

Voice and Speech Trainers Association Conference, Chicago, IL (2016), Seattle, WA (2018)


Canada's National Voice Intensive 

Graduate of Vancouver Film School - Diploma for Acting for Film/Television

Graduate of University of Waterloo - BA Speech Communication, Fine & Performing Arts Option


Scene Study                                                 - Nancy Sivak

Singing (Musical Theatre/Operatic)         - LindaMarie James

Acting/Shakespeare (2014)                     - Christopher Weddell

Fitzmaurice Voice Workshop (2013)        - Noah Drew

Vibrant Voice Workshop (2013)               - David Ley

Middendorf Breath Technique                  - Alisa Kort/LindaMarie James

On The Mic Training - 2009 - 2012          - Michael Daingerfield/Lee Tockar

Scene Study/Alexander (2013)                - Nadine Wright

Audition Technique (2013)                       - Carol Kelsay

Commercial Voice Over (2010)                - Riva Di Paola

Voice (2009)                                                - Heather Hill