Working together on cultural understanding, adaptation and bridging   techniques through voice & communication with a supportive group in an interactive environment


Creating better relationships through cross-cultural understanding & communication across borders.


Nadege Minois, Ph.D

Culture  Expert


Sylvie Lui, MFA FRSA

Voice & Communications Expert

Learning and working in a group setting is often one of the most rewarding experiences. Our bespoke curated 'Cultural & Communications Programme' boast an incredibly supportive and like-minded cohort of individuals from around the world, who are also here to work on creating better communication skills when speaking within cross-cultural or international environments.

We truly believe that every individual should be able to share with us their individual stories, experiences and challenges and tell us about their learning styles. 


We do not have a "one size fits all" rule in training programmes. Our holistic approach allows you to choose what is right for you, which we believe is the most important aspect of every individual's personal development.

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Learning objectives & outcomes:

  • Understanding your cultural gaps objectively

  • Building self-awareness of how it affects your communication in voice and body language

  • How to adapt to your current surroundings, as both an expat or a local

  • Practical skills in understanding how to work on creating an inclusive environment

    • ​​Better relationships + better performance

  • Building your own set of tools to counter your toughest challenges!

Throughout our bespoke 8 week programme:


You will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in 4 x 3 hour virtual workshops every other Friday 

  • apply your learning and new skills during your quiet week with supporting resources

  • engage in interactive exercises and activities in partners/groups

  • work with your trainers, Sylvie & Nadege

  • get to know other internationals in the group and communicate with them 

  • receive constructive group observations and feedback

  • immediately start working creating a process of practice and development based on trainer and group feedback

We offer you a strong foundation and theoretical framework for understanding, adapting and bridging cultural gaps.


The best and unique part of this bespoke programme is receiving a thoughtfully blended learning experience with practical advice and techniques from experts across two intersecting industries. The overarching goal is to help you create your own process to build more confidence in communicating within cross-cultural environments.


We look forward to meeting you soon!

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