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Executive Assistant + Social Media Manager

Sylvie is a Chinese - Canadian voice coach based in London, UK.

Her expertise is  in vocal performance for effective communication and public speaking. She specialises in  inclusivity &  diversity  and teaches with an intercultural and international perspective geared towards those working in international work spaces.


She is highly sought after for her voice and communications workshops, as well as her private training    in the following areas:

  • Executive Voice & Communication  Coaching

  • Vocal  and Public Speaking Confidence Coaching

  • Presentation Skills in the Boardroom

  • Personal Effectiveness in Communication

  • Speak & Lead  with Authenticity

  • Impactful Pitching Skills

  • Advanced Interviewing Skills

  • Clarity, Resonance, Articulation in Vocal Delivery

  • Accent Reduction & Vocal Technique


Sylvie works in London and internationally with global companies and privately with professionals across a varying spectrum of executive, senior & middle level management, entrepreneurs, lawyers/barristers, consultants, etc. from all sectors.  

Some of her previous clients include:


Danske Bank, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, RBS, HSBC, RBC Capital Investments, Bank of China, Linklaters, Deloitte, Loyens & Loeff, Amazon, Sony, NHS, Freethink Media, among others.




 We aim to help you achieve your goals by bringing in different niche specialists to provide the best service to meet your needs. In addition to leading voice and communications trainers, we have a collaborative team of experts to work with and offer workshops geared towards change management, social and environmental enterprise, mental health and wellness, charitable causes, and more.

Please enquire below for more details.

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